Paper with Paperclips, Damaged Goods Policy

Damaged Goods Policy

You may download our damaged goods policy in PDF format.

Procedure for Receiving Goods

At the time of delivery, the receiver is to inspect the package for damages. The receiver is to sign off if the goods are damaged or undamaged at time of delivery.

→   If the carton is damaged, it should be assumed that the contents are damaged.

Procedure for Damaged Goods

The following will occur should any goods be damaged:


Signing POD

Sign “damaged” on your BOL and Proof of Delivery (POD) and note any damaged or missing product. Reject goods as damaged, and the shipping company will return them to Barbican.

Clearly note the following information:

  • That the goods are damaged, not just the crate/parcels are damaged and that delivery is being rejected
  • Damaged Box Count
  • Lot or Item #
  • Product Description
  • Description of Damage(s)



Take Pictures of the Damaged Crates/Parcels

  • Any damage to carton(s) or package(s)
  • Any missing or damaged shrink wrap (if applicable)
  • Label(s) on all crate(s)
  • Any missing or damaged strapping securing the load to the pallet


Declaration of Damages

Once the delivery is received, send your photos, a copy of the POD and any other applicable documents, and note of any damaged items to (or to your carrier if you arranged your own freight) immediately. Freight claims can take anywhere from 30-120 days to resolve – filing immediately increases credibility and likelihood of the approval. Once Barbican receives the rejected goods they will be inspected.

Once you’ve submitted your claim information, we will communicate with you to increase the chances of resolving the claim to all parties’ satisfaction. If you have received the goods as damaged rather than rejecting them: keep the freight! Never discard any product, even if damaged, until your claim has been fully processed and resolved. Getting rid of the damaged freight may result in the claim not getting fully paid, or denied altogether. Pay your invoice. Non-payment of invoiced product or freight may impact the outcome of your freight claim.


Product Storage

Products are to be stored indoors away from humidity/moisture and below 140° F and per any other label(s) attached. Improperly stored merchandise will result in the possible damages that fall outside of qualifying for warranty claim for damages.

If you have any questions regarding this please reach out to me:

Breanne Kirkwood
Logistics 289.320.9447 ex 300