Manufactured with Barbican’s laminated shade material, each Metro product is durable and less prone to damage during installation and day-to-day interactions than traditional fabric shades.

The Tee can be hung alone as a focal point pendant, or used in conjunction with other Metro fixtures, it is now open to use in your next design!

Please note that the overall dimensions are based on the centre line as noted in the line drawing. 

Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Specsheet Tee
Brochure PDF
Brochure PDF
Barbican Lighting Metro Brochure
Reference PDF
Reference PDF
Barbican Lighting Metro Tee LD

Product Builder

Configure a custom product using these options:
Choose between standard laminated fabric, or our new acoustic application material which reduces ambient sound and echo via spacial audio dampening. Read more about this exciting new technology here.

Laminated Materials

Select Laminated Fabric Later
Open the options to select.

Acoustic Materials

Select Acoustic Reflex Shade Later
Open the options to select.
Choose the height of the acoustic material overlay.
Choose the amount of overlap from the bottom of the fixture.
Choose how much of the inner fixture material will be visible.
Note: This exposure amount is subtracted from the felt. Your overall height will always be the AR fabric height to ensure your total height does not exceed the specifications.
Choose which inner lighting fixture material.
Open the options to select.