HPC³™ | Column

HPC³™ | Column

The HPC³™ is a modular system that offers flexibility with mounting options, creating endless variations that will suit any environment. Each component offers seamless construction, is fully enclosed and washable. Unlike typical cylindrical fixtures that use standard opal acrylics, HPC³™ is lit from end to end using a 6-sided internal board and heat sink system.

This assures full and consistent performance throughout the entire fixture, producing an even, ethereal glow. Built from a specially synthesized material that yields 85% light transmission while offering excellent LED hiding properties, this system of fixtures can provide all of the light required in a space without using supplemental downlights.

The HPC³ Column can be placed independently as either a freestanding column or an anchored column, or it can be used as the base in a system of other HPC³™ components. Build your own 3D models in SketchUp, or see our prebuilt samples for inspiration.

Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Barbican HPC3 Column Spec Sheet
Reference PDF
Reference PDF
COL HPC3 Column
Revit Package
Revit Package
Barbican HPC3 Revit
Barbican HPC3 IES
Media Kit
Media Kit
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Product Builder

Configure a custom product using these options:
Wall and Ceiling support is available for all sizes. Floor mount requires 8" or 10" diameter.
All of our products are now available in LED only. If you require fluorescent or incandescent sourcing, please contact Barbican for options. Please note if lumens are shown, they are delivered and approximate. Other lumen packages are available. Driver loss is included in the Nominal LED Wattage.
Maximum output varies by Diameter:
  • 4" - 1600 lm/ft (16W/ft)
  • 6" - 1600 lm/ft (16W/ft)
120 and 277 are standard options
Colour temperature is a description of the warmth or coolness of a light source. It is a characteristic of visible light and is stated in units of absolute temperature, known as Kelvin (K).
A colour rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.
See spec sheet for corners and configuration options

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COL HPC3 Column
Barbican Lighting HPC3 Column Product
Freestanding Column with Base Mount