Framed Drum

Framed Drum

The Framed Drum is one of our most classic designs. Barbican's designers wanted the Framed Drum to have the same feel as an old English lamp post but still be an indoor light fixture. The Framed Drum is perfect for environments that have a traditional composition but are looking for a modern edge.

Manufactured with Barbican’s laminated shade material, ensures that the fixture is harder to damage, easier to clean and can be sanitized, allowing it to be used in spaces that require a high level of sanitation like hospitals and food services.

Constructed with aluminum, the frame can be finished in black, white, RAL or customized.

Please note that for fixtures with a diameter of 96', shipping costs will be affected as it will require a dedicated flatbed truck.

Legacy Product

This lighting fixture is no longer part of our core product line. Please contact us for more information.