FOM Cube

FOM Cube

Barbican's FOM checks all the boxes for use in general lighting applications where performance, aesthetic, scale, design and budget are a concern. 2-Core LED technology provides excellent low-glare performance by delivering soft and even illumination on walls, and work surfaces while providing subtle up lighting to avoid the 'cave effect' of direct only fixtures.

The FOM system allows for many configurations to fit any space you have. Our unique hardware ensures your space feels considered and beautiful, while our industry leading QuickShip program helps you have your fixtures on-site on-time.

Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Barbican FOM Spec Sheet
Brochure PDF
Brochure PDF
Barbican FOM Brochure
Cut-Sheet PDF
Cut-Sheet PDF
Barbican FOM Cut Sheet
Revit Package
Revit Package
Barbican FOM REVIT
IES Photometry
IES Photometry
Barbican IES FOM
Reference ZIP
Reference ZIP
Barbican FOM Line Drawings
Media Kit
Media Kit
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If you would like to expedite your order please look at the same product with only the most popular configurations.

Product Builder

Configure a custom product using these options:
Aircraft Cable allows for multiple Driver Locations. Surface Mounting will require a Remote Driver.
120 and 277 are standard options
Colour temperature is a description of the warmth or coolness of a light source. It is a characteristic of visible light and is stated in units of absolute temperature, known as Kelvin (K).
A colour rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.
See spec sheet for corners and configuration options
Drawings Required. Finishes must match End Cap Finish.

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Barbican Lighting 25 FOM Section View LD
Barbican Lighting 25 L FOM LD
Barbican Lighting 25 SA FOM LD
Barbican Lighting 25 SBS FOM LD
Barbican Lighting 25 S FOM LD
Barbican Lighting 25 T FOM LD
Barbican Lighting 25 X FOM LD
Barbican Lighting FOM Array Product
Barbican Lighting FOM I Product
Barbican Lighting FOM L Product
Barbican Lighting FOM Single Pendant Product
Barbican Lighting FOM T Product
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