Element Sconce

Element Sconce

The Element Sconce, offers a simple, elegant design. The Element can be configured to be either square or rectangular, is only 3.875" deep*, and allows for design flexibility.

Options include:

  • Front = fabric or print / sides = opal
  • Front and Sides = fabric or print
  • Front and Sides = opal.  

Made with our specialized laminated shade material, the Element Sconce is durable and less prone to damage during installation and day-to-day interactions than traditional fabric shades. Fully enclosed and washable, any dirt or debris will stay on the exterior of the fixture where it can be easily wiped away and disinfected, making it suitable for interiors with high sanitary requirements, such as healthcare and foodservice facilities. The Element is perfect for wayfinding, room identification, corporate logos or signage, as well as impactful imagery and photos.

*ADA Compliant Fixture. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) has set restrictions for clearance that will enable the safe use of the space for everyone. Our ADA-compliant fixtures have thin profiles, under 4″ in-depth, making them ideal for various room applications.

Product Discontinued

This product has been discontinued. A password is required to access the old product features.