Duple Sconce

Duple Sconce

The Duple Sconce with its sinuous, sweeping curves, will add interest to your walls with fun bursts of colourful waves. Standing at 13" tall and 10" wide, the Duple Sconce is manufactured with one piece of laminated shade material for the front and sides, allowing for a seamless, contoured design. With a depth of 3.875," the Duple Sconce is an ADA Compliant Fixture*.

Manufactured with Barbican’s laminated shade material, ensures that the fixture is harder to damage, easier to clean and can be sanitized, allowing it to be used in spaces that require a high level of sanitation like hospitals and food services

*ADA Compliant Fixture. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) has set restrictions for clearance that will enable the safe use of the space for everyone. Our ADA-compliant fixtures have thin profiles, under 4″ in-depth, making them ideal for various room applications.

Legacy Product

This lighting fixture is no longer part of our core product line. Please contact us for more information.