One of our most popular fixtures, the Donut has found its home in hospitals, schools, office buildings and more. Manufactured with Barbican’s laminated shade material, ensures that the fixture is harder to damage, easier to clean and can be sanitized, allowing it to be used in spaces that require a high level of sanitation like hospitals and food services

The Donut is available in five different diameters. The inside diameter is always 16" less than the overall (outer) diameter.

  • 24″ = Outer is 24  |  Inner is 8
  • 30″ = Outer is 30  |  Inner is 14
  • 36″ = Outer is 36  |  Inner is 20
  • 42″ = Outer is 42  |  Inner is 26
  • 48″ = Outer is 48  |  Inner is 32
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Barbican Donut SpecSheet
Cut-Sheet PDF
Cut-Sheet PDF
Barbican Lighting 16 41 Donut Cut Sheet
Reference PDF
Reference PDF
Barbican Lighting Donut LD

Product Builder

We recommend you reference the downloadable SpecSheet currently which shows all available and updated options.

You may still use the product builder to generate legacy product codes:


Product Builder

Configure a custom product using these options:
Choose between standard laminated fabric, or our new acoustic application material which reduces ambient sound and echo via spacial audio dampening. Read more about this exciting new technology here.

Laminated Materials

Select Laminated Fabric Later
Open the options to select.

Acoustic Materials

Select Acoustic Reflex Shade Later
Open the options to select.
Choose the height of the acoustic material overlay.
Choose the amount of overlap from the bottom of the fixture.
Choose how much of the inner fixture material will be visible.
Note: This exposure amount is subtracted from the felt. Your overall height will always be the AR fabric height to ensure your total height does not exceed the specifications.
Choose which inner lighting fixture material.
Open the options to select.