Acoustic Continuous Tiles

Acoustic Continuous Tiles

Concrete interiors, exposed industrial ceilings, and other hard surfaces offer a contemporary feel but can often accentuate noises and create an echo. Acoustic Reflex by Barbican provides a solution by offering high quality, eco-friendly materials that absorb sound, establishing comfortable noise levels in a space.

In environments where noise can be a productivity barrier or reduce comfort levels, such as offices, boardrooms, reception areas, restaurants, and cafes, the Acoustic Reflex Collection is an excellent option.

Seamless printable textures of brick, concrete or wood patterns offer versatility and creative possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Using a unique proprietary adhesive that is repositionable and invisible to the eye, Acoustic Reflex enables beautiful designs on almost any smooth surface. Use our print technique and your original art to create murals, mimic designer wallpaper, or take advantage of our large selection of patterns and textures to create beautiful spaces with functionality and acoustic control.

All seamless tiles are available in 44" x 44".

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