About Us

Barbican Architectural Products Ltd. is a privately held Canadian company that incorporated in 1990 In the past 30 years we’ve developed a broad range of capabilities to produce some of the highest quality architectural lighting products on the market.

Located in Fort Erie, Ontario, our manufacturing facilities of nearly 100,000 square feet offer ‘in house’ production of both decorative and high-performance lighting products. We offer specialized laminated fabric fixtures, which provide tremendous durability and allow for easy cleaning. Full production capability allows for a broad scope of customization.

Although custom Lighting remains an important part of our business, we now provide a comprehensive product offering consisting of demountable Wall Systems, Acoustical Solutions, and Ceiling Systems. Our ability to find creative solutions to manufacturing and design problems has made us a top choice for architects and designers across North America by providing designers with virtually limitless design options without the custom price tag.

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Mission Statement

Our mission at Barbican revolves around a single purpose: to reduce the wasteful impact of traditional commercial spaces. With the development of sustainable and transformable components, Barbican is revolutionizing how complete interior environments can be built.

To achieve this pursuit, we promote a culture rich in research and development and open communication.

Barbican responds to the current needs of our customers while innovating for the future demands of commercial interiors and the people using these spaces.

With a focus on developing novel materials and applications, we practice collaboration and connectivity with our employees, suppliers and partners to drive changes in the way an interior space is created by offering a full office solution that is fluid and receptive to change.

Success in creating a synergistic space that is comfortable and modifiable while minimizing environmental impact offers its own reward: a safer, sustainable future.

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