Barbican Wins 4 Adex Design 2018 Platinum Awards

Design Journal has announced the winners of the 2018 ADEX Design Awards. Barbican was named as Platinum Winner for four of their most popular products : Halo, Wave, Olympus, and HPC3!

Design Journal is the ultimate resource for Architects and Interior Designers. The ADEX Awards are clearly the largest and most prestigious awards program in the Design industry. ADEX judges are among the A&D community’s most respected experts. The ADEX Awards represent the best products and design projects of the year. ADEX Awards have been recognizing top international designs for over 20 years.

” Barbican is ecstatic to be recognized as an industry leader in product development and design. All four award winners are a result of our extensive R & D efforts to deliver fresh, innovative and efficient lighting designs,” says Steven Geiger, Vice President of Sales for Barbican. ” These awards inspire us to continue to develop more products that are environmentally sustainable.


Winner of the Platinum ADEX Award in 2017 and the Product Innovations Award by Buildings Magazine, the Halo has impressed some of the industry’s top design judges. Manufactured to Barbican’s highest construction standards, our Halo light fixture is made from aluminum with a painted white interior to allow for optimal light radiance and glow. The Halo uses only high output LEDs, yet due to its design, can offer a soft, ambient effect. Only 4” in height, it is available in a range of diameters to meet your design needs for every project. View the details here: Halo – ADEX Awards – 2018 Platinum – Lighting, Lit Decorative Design Elements


The previous winner of ADEX Award for 2016 Interior Architectural LED Lighting the award-winning Wave by Barbican was engineered as a modular, reconfigurable and stand-alone high performance LED lighting system utilizing the most advanced Green Energy technology. It offers a contemporary and distinctive design with performance levels ideal for today’s commercial, healthcare, and hospitality environments. With its sleek and compact design and multitude of finish options, the Wave is distinguished by its versatility and adaptability to any environment and application. View the details here : Wave – ADEX Awards – 2018 Platinum – Lighting, Decorative Ceiling-Mounted Lighting


Barbican’s award-winning Olympus emanates the power and beauty found in Greek tales of the gods. Versatility is the key – whether it’s making a restaurant feel more intimate, or acting as a medium in an industrial office space – the domed aluminum LED pendant commands attention with its smooth and seamless exterior. Standard size is 32″ in diameter by 25″ in height with other sizes available upon request. Another option for the Olympus is uplight, illuminating the ceiling above. View the details here: ADEX Award – 2018 Platinum – Lighting, Contemporary Decorative


The HPC³™ by Barbican is an innovative, ultra-high efficiency LED lighting system. Comprised of straight, curved and corner components, the HPC³™ is a modular system that offers flexibility with mounting options, creating endless variations that will suit any environment. Horizontal and vertical components are available in one-foot increments up to 10 feet, with specialized connectors between pieces, allowing for extensive runs. Curves and corners allow for creative and dramatic displays that dip under ceiling infrastructure, run parallel to existing piping or change direction from ceiling to wall to floor mounting. Column components create an impressive pillar of light, from floor to ceiling. Each HPC³™component offers seamless construction. Unlike typical cylindrical fixtures which use standard opal acrylics, Barbican’s HPC³™ is lit from end to end using a 6-sided internal board and heat sink system. This assures full and consistent performance throughout the entire fixture, producing an even, ethereal glow. Built from a specially synthesized material that yields 85% light transmission while offering excellent LED hiding properties, this system of fixtures can provide all of the light required in a space without using supplemental downlights. Fully enclosed and washable, HPC³™ presents a sanitary solution for healthcare and hospitality settings. With versatile mounting and dimming options, this beautiful cylinder system can create brilliant or ambient lighting to meet any requirement for your next project. View the details here: ADEX Award – 2018 Platinum – Lighting, for Modern Decorative Suspension Lamps