The Halo Wins Platinum Adex Award For 2017

FORT ERIE, ON, – Barbican Architectural Products Ltd. is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of award-winning, energy efficient commercial and industrial lighting solutions. Barbican’s comprehensive range of products offers environmentally responsible solutions that are effective for all applications.

The Halo by Barbican was created to offer a contemporary and compact design that merges seamlessly with its environment. Winner of the Platinum designation at the 2017 ADEX Awards for Design Excellence by Design Journal Magazine, the Halo was recognized for its superior product design and quality.

Manufactured to Barbican’s highest construction standards, our Halo light fixture is made from aluminum with a painted white interior to allow for optimal light radiance and glow. Incorporating only high output LEDs, the Halo uses the most advanced Green Energy technologies, yet due to its design and dimming capabilities, it can offer a soft, ambient effect or produce brilliant task lighting. Only 4” in height, it is available in a range of diameters to meet your design needs for every project.

Now also available with a two week lead time in our Quick Ship program.

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